Success Stories

Many users has benefited from Zyme11 range of enzymes, below are some of their stories.

Gan Sin De
I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has been a month after my operation. Before taking Zyme11, my wound still hurts. After taking enzyme, my wounds healed much faster, and less painful.
Philip Lee
Before that, my sugar level was above 9, after 6 weeks of Zyme11 consumption, I am now having 6.9 as in April 2019. I am always please to show you my medical reports!
Chios Heng
I have better appetite after Zyme11 and my height now is 130cm! My asthma healed after consumed consistently two meals of Zyme11 each day for a period of time.
Gency Tan Li Teng
Unless I tell people, most people wouldn’t even know I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer just a few months ago! Zyme11 Enzyme is now my daily necessity to remain healthy!
Liu Jia
Whenever I have my meal, there is a feeling of heartburn, however, when I take the Zyme11 enzyme, it really relieves a lot, and it feels so comfortable.
Jennifer Lim
A friend recommended Zyme11 to me after knowing of my health issue. After consumed Zyme11 for 3 to 5 months, I gradually recovered from gastric pain, till fully recovered. Backache issue also soothed a lot.
Elyna Ng
Zyme11 successfully helped to burn my excessive fat and a total cleaning inner body, I am happy with Zyme11 as made me received lots of compliments from friends around me.
After 5 weeks consuming Zyme11, I gradually recovered from gastric pain, as prior to Zyme11 I experienced gastric pain 3 to 4 times per week. Surprisingly, I no long experience skin allergy after Zyme11.
Chloe Cheok Hui Yi
After a week, my weight reduced for 7kgs. I am recovered from throat inflammation, migraine, eczema, joint pain on my shoulders and gastric.
I can proudly attest to the effectiveness of the Zyme11 enzymatic detox program, especially for people like me who love eating and have no perseverance.
Richard Quek
After 10days consumed Zyme11, my cholesterol level reduced back to the normal line, and my back and spinal ache healed.
Wen Xi
Zyme11 could gradually ease my pain in 30mins. That is amazing! Also, I no longer rely on Iron tablets to heal my body low iron condition.
Wen Ni
My eczema subsided and no longer experience itchiness when staying outdoors. I am glad that I no longer need medication during my menses days.
Anna Bian
After taking Zyme11 enzyme detoxification for a period of time, my stubborn weight problem has reduced! And after 3 months, my serious migraine problem has disappeared.
Khoo Bee Ser
I used to have persistent lethargic problem, to my surprise that I see a significant improvement on my lethargic problem after one week of enzyme detoxification.
Carene Lau
Using Zyme11 for 3 weeks, slightly improved on Eye Floaters and Knee Pain. Really feel that the enzymes are working on internal heat when I was exhausted.
In just 4 weeks, I lost a total of 10 kg, simply unbelievable! It makes you feel good knowing you don’t have to go through those perspiration to reduce your weight.
Mimi Lee
My intestines system improved after Zyme11. My bowel movement back to normal, which is two times every day. It makes me feel lighter weight with reduced kgs.
Tian Tian
During the first 3 weeks, I consumed Zyme11 3 in 1 every morning before any meals, my intestines system improved a lot, and therefore felt lighter weight and more energetic during work.
Ng Lai Lin
I increased Zyme11 to two meals per day, added with two packets of Collagen Enzyme each day. Gladly my eczema healed after three months.