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Zyme11 complex enzyme is produced by the oldest enzyme factory in Taiwan. Utilising technology from Japan, the factory has invested over a hundred million of dollars to build the largest enzyme storage tank in Asia, as well as a professional R&D team and a chemical and microbiology laboratory.

Basic conditions that high quality enzymes must have

Safe - High quality enzyme products are best if they are purely plant-based, and do not contain any chemical substances. To achieve that, it would require strict tests from a testing body with international credibility.

Highly active - The more active the enzymes, the better the performance. Enzyme activity is generally zero above 50 degrees Celsius. Even if some activity is still present, once the enzymes enter the stomach that has a pH of 1.5 to 2.5 (high acidity), there will be virtually no activity left in the enzymes. Therefore, we have to select enzymes that perform well at high temperature, or they will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

Stability - Enzyme activity is easily affected by factors such as temperature and humidity, and once the enzymes leave their original life form, different types of enzymes will work on and break each other down. To maintain the stability of these enzymes and to store them long - term is a testament of the technological capabilities of the manufacturer.

Maturity - Whether it is using fermentation or technology to extract the enzymes from the plants, the enzymes will have to go through a certain maturing period. It is the length of the maturing period that directly affects the level of stability and activity of the enzymes. Generally, the most effective maturing period is 5 years and above.

Most enzymes sold in the market, are unable to achieve the technical requirement needed for the maturing process because of constraints, such as equipment, space and environment. Hence, the substances extracted are normally common proteins, and not the active proteins that the human body needs. A quality active enzyme will need to go through a complete and rigorous maturing process before it is ready to be used in products.