What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are catalysts of all biochemical reactions and exist in all living cells. All of the body’s operations, such as running, eating, thinking, breathing, heartbeat, digestion, detoxification, cell division, and even pregnancy, will require enzymes to function.

Therefore, enzymes are said to initiate the activities of cells, and cause the cells to exhibit different types of biological phenomena. Without enzymes, the sperm and the egg will not combine, all cell activity shall lose momentum and life will not happen.

Enzymes affect the human lifespan

Our human body has a storage of enzymes, otherwise known as “potential enzymes”. Since we need enzymes to live, the amount of enzymes in our body affect our lifespan directly. However, these days we are often exposed to long-term environmental pollution, and indulge in poor living and eating habits; which forces our bodies to exhaust large amounts of potential enzymes, causing many of our bodily functions operate abnormally due to lack of enzymes. A body that is not in sync will consume more enzymes to make up for these drawbacks, resulting in a vicious cycle that becomes a health hazard. Reasons for loss of bodily enzymes include pregnancy in women, excessive exercising, bad weather, and habitual consumption of stimulating food or drinks, such as coffee, alcohol etc.

The common condition caused by enzyme deficiency are people with sub-health status. Sub-health generally refers to a state when the person's health has "no abnormality" from hospital diagnosis, but the body feels "uncomfortable or something not right" such as shoulder ache, limbs weak, faintness, loss of appetite, anxiety and other symptoms.

The relation between enzymes and illness

To survive, all human organs need to rely on its cells to metabolise and all cells need enzymes to act as a catalyst when producing new cells to replace the older ones so as to maintain the immune system and keep a person healthy. Humans prefer cooked food but the heat would destroy all the enzymes present hence the body would have to create enzymes on its own to digest cooked food. Unfortunately, the amount of enzymes that can be manufactured in a human body is limited and creating more digestive enzymes means that less metabolic enzymes can be produced. Producing less metabolic enzymes results in lower metabolism which results in poor immune systems and makes the body vulnerable to diseases. If there are insufficient enzymes in the body, it has to be replenished from sources outside the body. By letting these enzymes to do the demanding work of digesting, the body can create more metabolic enzymes and remain healthy. As a person ages, enzyme production in the body decreases and without additional supplement, the person will fall ill easily.

Why do enzymes help to regulate disease?

Many modern diseases are often caused by poor diet and hectic lifestyle, exposure to environmental pollutants, agricultural chemicals, food additives, large amounts of radiation or aging, etc leading to organ dysfunction or cytopathic effects. Enzymes are not drugs, they are plant-based natural products, safe with no side effects, and they regulate human body at the root caused. All foods and nutrients must be acted upon by enzymes to produce the energy needed by the body.

The main function of the enzyme is to improve the overall nutritional status and good environment in the body so that the physiological functions can be restored, and to improve immunity against disease. Furthermore, our bodies are functioned by metabolic enzymes, they are used to build new tissues and maintain all physiological functions. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement various enzymes during fall ill or after recovery to maintain good health.

•What is the difference between single enzyme and Zyme11 Complex Enzymes?

Single enzyme only contains one type of enzyme and only reacts to one substance whereas complex enzyme is a combination of single enzymes.

What is the difference between liquid and powder enzymes?

Liquid enzyme is prepared and harvested by brewing, while powdered enzymes are obtained through extraction. Although both are composite of enzymes, powdered enzymes has a higher production costs and are more difficult to prepare. Its adaptation and stability are better and can maintain higher quality activity at a relatively high temperature.

Do healthy individuals need to take Zyme11 enzymes?

Enzyme is designed to nurse the sick back to health and to maintain good health. The loss of health is not achieved within one day. For example: if a person found out yesterday that he/she is suffering from liver cirrhosis, does it necessarily means that he/she was infected yesterday? The truth is that person's liver function has been deteriorating for a long time without the person realising it.

If we draw a horizontal line and classify the left as 100% sick and the right as 100% healthy with the midpoint as 50% healthy, will your current body be classified as 50% healthy or 95% healthy? Anything beyond 50% may seem healthy but is actually a fake phenomenon. If a car is broken down, it needs to be repaired and the parts needs to be replaced but isn’t the daily maintenance and usual oil change more important? Why would the human body be any different?

Will Zyme11 enzyme help with surgery?

Zyme11 enzyme can activate cells and heal wounds, eat 6 packs of enzymes daily before the surgery and 10 days after the surgery to reduce postoperative pain and accelerate the healing of internal or external surgical wound.

Can Zyme11 enzymes be taken if there is inflammation after surgery?

Inflammation refers to the growth and nesting of germs in the wound. Zyme11 enzymes have anti-inflammatory and can be used after surgery.

Can Zyme11 enzymes reduce bad breath and mouth sores?

Bad breath is mainly caused by indigestion. Fermenting food in the stomach produces odours. Enzymes can promote digestion and can remove bacteria in the mouth hence reducing its odour. Apply the powder directly in the mouth when there is oral ulcer or take it by brewing a pack with 20 ml of warm water and stir, swallow after gargling for 1 minute to relieve pain.

Can Zyme11 enzymes be applied externally?

It can stop external bleeding, heal wounds caused by diabetic ulcers and is effective against rash, psoriasis and other skin diseases. It can be taken internally and applied externally. It also has anti-inflammatory effect on swelling and decomposes necrotic cells from wounds, such as bleeding wounds, skin inflammation or erosion.

When wounded, apply enzyme powder on the injured area to immediately stop the bleeding, crusting, relief pain and minimise scarring. It may even leave no scar as its growth factor make up for the lack of skin growth factors to promote tissue epidermis and avoid fibrosis.