Zyme11 is one of the high quality enzymatic health supplement series jointly developed by WhereHealthBegins Pte. Ltd. (WHB) and Origo Biochemical Technology Inc., which was founded by Mr. Chen Minghe, the Taiwanese “father of enzymes”, and WHB is the first company in Singapore to focus and specialise on enzymatic health products, it has partnered with the American Society for Nutrition to train the Singapore’s first batch of enzyme therapists.

Zyme11 signifying enzyme for 11 main systems of the human body, they are:

Circulatory system

Digestive system

Endocrine system​​​​

Integumentary system/ Exocrine system

Lymphatic system / Immune system

Muscular system

Nervous system

Renal system / Urinary system/ Excretory system

Reproductive system

Respiratory system

Skeletal system